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How to connect?
I will describe step by step how to connect to the server:

Account registration from the game is open, so you set up an account in the game.

Every day at 4:00 the server is reset, I recommend to leave the game before this time and wait patiently until everything returns to normal. Temporary problems with creating games can take from 2-20 minutes. I recommend patience.

1. Register on the D2Realm forum, read the server rules. You register your accounts from the game. Account registration is open all the time.
    Keep the same account name in the forum and in the game. Multi acc is banned.

2. Select and download the version of the game you want to play:

D2LoD - classic realm based on 1.11b patch without modifications >>Download<<

Acheron - realm based on 1.13c patch with Acheron MOD  >>Download<<

You can play on both realms on the same PC. Both versions include D2GL Mod that improves the game's graphics.

3. Unpack game and run "acheron.reg".

4. Run game with "Diablo II.exe" if doesn't work try Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode.

If you can't run game with D2GL Mod try run "D2Loader" but first add Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode to "D2L11.exe" or "D2L13.exe".

5. Optional !!! (if you can't add gateway with our "acheron.reg") Download Gateways Editor and run Gateways Editor and in the card "Diablo II" press "Add Gateway". In "Name" field type server name "Acheron", in "Zone" "1",
in "IP" field type "" and press "OK". BackUp Gateway: "".

[Image: tutor2.jpg]

By means of "Set to Chosen Gateway" button you can set "Acheron" as a default gateway.

6. Start game and enter Make sure you have selected gateway "Acheron".

7. Create Account and enter Server with your login and password.

8. In character window choose D2LoD Realm (version 1.11b) or Acheron Realm (version 1.13c).

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